5 Content Strategy Considerations When Taking A Client From 10k – 1M Visits


5 Things To Consider When Building An ROI Focused Content Marketing Strategy

1. Traffic is not priority #1.
Instead, focus on improving conversion rates on existing pages.

What do visitors need to know in order to decide to buy? Comparison pages can be a goldmine. There won’t always be a lot of keyword volume (and that’s ok!) because its about conversion NOT traffic.

2. User experience matters.

There’s a UX report in Search console for a reason!
Fast load time, well-structured headlines, interesting images and infographics, easy to navigate, relevant recommended content. These are all elements of a good user experience.

3. Internal links are critical.

Internal links are what YOU (and only you) control. They are *highly* effective in helping search engines to find, index and rank your content. Plan these carefully so that search engines understand the site the way you want them to.

4. Create a strategy based on content that you know from your competitors people like because it ranks.

• Build Informational long-form content to educate your users
• Build How to articles and Guides to demonstrate knowledge and authority.
• Build a Transactional comparison or A USP of Services webpage to foster conversion.

Create easy to deploy templates for your teams to speed up the content production.

5. Don’t spend lots of money building content around a high volume keyword if you haven’t figured out how to convert the traffic.

Instead, figure out how to convert existing traffic on high-volume money pages and then scale this blueprint to other pages before you spend the money and then build on the traffic to these pages.

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