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Our client provides Car Finance to customers with poor credit. They had tried PPC themselves, exhausting the budget and getting mixed results. For long term success, they wanted to increase leads through organic search methods.

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What Did We Do?

The pandemic wiped out a lot of business especially those in the car industry.  This client had next to no traffic. Even though search volume levels had started to return after the pandemic, Google was going through a lot of algorithm changes in 2021 and this affected them.

We began by doing an on page SEO audit and identifying which pages got traffic and which didn’t. We then looked at engagement on those pages to see how long people spent on them and cross referenced that with entrance into the application form. We found that on all the pages that people interacted with over 40% went on to start an application.

On pages where there was a high bounce rate and little engagement only 8% of customers moved onto another page before then going on to apply.

We knew that we needed to improve these pages but in order to increase traffic into the website we also needed to identify new keyword opportunities.

Due to budget, we decided on a local SEO strategy which targets mainly users searching for this type of finance in cities.

We knew that in order for this strategy to be successful it was important to provide an optimised user experience so we conducted a Technical SEO Audit.

We identified a number of speed and code issues with the website which we fixed, knowing that this would help the existing pages too.

We then crafted well written keyword rich Local SEO content that Google seemed to love. We released this in stages over a few months and the site began to grow in traffic slowly. We created a strong interlinking strategy and developed our local pages as an authority which lead to that big leap in traffic!

The Result

Good SEO can often have an impact on your conversion rate. With a low budget, we were able to generate a significant increase in traffic, over a short period of time, that resulted in 42% more leads for the client.

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