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The client had started a business during the pandemic and learned that when they got visitors they had a pretty good chance of converting them to sales. They wanted to decrease their reliance on Facebook ads and increase the traffic from organic SEO into their ecommerce store.

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What Did We Do?

The client had zero rankings for any home gym related terms. We took a look at the product page but because we knew that the client had a good conversion rate once it got potential customers onto the site we knew that we wouldn’t have to do much if any optimisation to the product pages. This assumption turned out to be true.

We began by looking at the top 5 ranking websites for each search term and crafted a content strategy based on the keywords that they got for their top keywords.

We sorted these by traffic and keyword estimated keyword difficulty and we built out content pages to target where the competition was getting all its traffic. We started with the ones that our tool thought were easiest to rank for and then moved to the harder difficulty keywords. We created internal links in the new pages content to relevant products.

There is always a period where Google needs to get assess your content and visit it a few times to see if it gets a consistent experience that it can then allow you to give to its users. We submitted these pages to Google and waited for around a week to see what it thought about them.

Many of the new content pages began to rank well from the moment they got indexed. For the ones that didn’t we then put together an off page SEO strategy to find relevant backlinks that we could build into the content to help those pages rank better and increase traffic to them.

The Result

After a few months the client began to rank well for a number of keywords from the top to the middle of page 1 and at the top of page 2 for more competitive terms. This brought a high volume of traffic into the website that the client was able to convert in sales. The client was extremely happy and is looking to set up another couple of stores and work with us again.

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