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Our client is a travel affiliate website. They provide travel comparison services in a number of areas including, flights, hotels, car hire and travel extra’s. The site had very little traffic when we began work on it. The goal was to increase traffic into the site that could then be converted into affiliate sales or advertising revenue.

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What Did We Do?

This is a big website. So we needed to start with the foundations. Just  like you would do if you was building a house, we needed to make sure that the site was built on solid foundations and then that the way it had been constructed on top of those foundations was also sound. We did a Technical SEO audit of the site and uncovered that although the hosting was sound there were a few things that we could do to the site to speed up and optimise the pages and the user’s experience.

After we had got the site Technically sound we began to the look at the individual pages in the site an optimise these for core search terms. We were grateful that some keyword research had already been done but, as we always do, we conducted some of our own to identify additional opportunities for growth.

As we worked we began to understand that the site hadn’t generated much traffic because it was almost static. It was relying on the site pages alone to generate the traffic. We know that travel is a very active and social thing to do so we looked at ways that we could utilise the affiliate partners to bring in fresh new content. We connected the client site to a number of travel feeds that bought in fresh content and tagged the links with the clients affiliate code so that they would get the credit for the sale.

We then syndicated this content across all of the clients social media channels so that it would be seen and generate traffic plus a few links. Alongside this we ran some paid social media advertising via a Facebook likes ad campaign to increase the follower count on that platform so that the posts to that page would get more visibility.

The Result

The work that we did sent social signals to the search engines and as traffic began to the flow, users that would have bounced in the past stayed on site and engaged with the content. Affiliate and Advertising revenue has increased.

The client is now planning a website redesign with us and wants to explore a content marketing strategy and social media marketing.

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