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"Local SEO For A Windows And Doors Company."



This business had been going for a number of years providing Windows and doors to homes and commercial premises. The client wanted to increase the local customer reach of the business.

This case study is from a client that we worked with in 2015.

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What Did We Do?

This client is one we had done some web design work with to tidy up an existing website in 2013. They invited us back to do SEO in 2015.

We decided that the website was in such a bad state that it was better to redesign it with SEO in mind. We rebuilt the website to target specific keywords with the local and surround areas.

The Result

Despite quite large search volumes, as with most manufacturing business searches, the local area wasn’t highly competitive in terms of companies doing SEO and trying to rank. We were able to produce content and rank on Page 1 for a number of search terms purely off the quality of the copy.

The client received a huge increase in leads via the contact form and the business grew as a result.

Unfortunately, this client did update their website and it got to the stage where it stopped working and needed a refresh. The client has had a recent redesign with another agency who haven’t implemented any of the successful SEO copy that we had produced and ranked for this client.

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