Keyword Research – 6 Ways To Find New Keywords

As a Leading SEO Company, we help our clients by looking for new and relevant keywords to target for their businesses. Here are 6 ways to find new keywords that you may not have considered before. Try one or all of these methods the next time you’re in search of new keywords to help improve your website’s visibility and organic traffic.

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Brainstorm with a friend or colleague

When working on a tough problem, two minds can often be better than one. By brainstorming with a friend or colleague, invaluable insights can be brought to the table, allowing each individual to draw on their previous education and personal experiences, broadening the scope of solutions.

Tap into the collective knowledge and quirks that make two people different. Working together can not only bring more ideas to light but also provide valuable feedback on approaches and execution.

So don’t go it alone – team up and use both of your creative juices to generate even better results!

Use a keyword research tool

Using a keyword research tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Explorer is an essential step in content marketing and SEO optimisation. These tools provide an understanding of how users search for content online, enabling you to create topics for your articles, blog posts and web pages that are resonating with audiences and driving more web traffic.

With the ability to monitor trends in keyword usage, the tool also provides insight into what kinds of content is viral or declining in popularity – giving strategies to stay up-to-date with industry innovations.

Investing in a keyword research tool can help shape your digital marketing plan and open up a wider audience for your brand.

Look at your competitors' websites and see what keywords they are targeting

Knowing what keywords your competitors are targeting can be incredibly helpful when it comes to mastering the art of SEO.

By keeping an eye on what words or phrases they are focusing their efforts on, you can gain valuable insights about the searches which draw in customers from your industry and tailor your own content accordingly.

Analysing competitor websites is a great way to get a research-based understanding of what works best within the digital sphere for your particular field, so take advantage of this opportunity to stay one step ahead!

Search for your topic on social media

Searching for information related to your topic on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest can be a great way to get up-to-date news and insights from the experts in the field.

Often, these social media platforms provide exclusive access to expert interviews and thought pieces related to your topic that you wouldn’t otherwise find elsewhere. Make sure to harness the power of social media when researching – you never know what interesting pieces of information or perspectives you might come across!

Check out industry-specific forums and discussion boards

Taking the time to join industry-specific forums and discussion boards is working smarter, not harder. Exploring these areas can provide insight into trending topics and current conversations in a particular field.

Doing this helps expand the knowledge base of an individual or a business, allowing them to think and act strategically while keeping their finger on the pulse of their chosen industry.

Exploring industry-specific forums and discussion boards, such as Reddit or Quora, can provide invaluable information that should always be considered when looking to remain competitive and up-to-date.

Use Google's autocomplete function to get ideas for related searches

Google’s autocomplete function is an extremely useful tool for anyone looking to get ideas for related searches. By typing in a few words, our search query can be quickly refined with suggestions from Google’s vast database of search results and related queries.

This feature is particularly handy when researching a topic; instead of typing out long, complicated phrases or having to check the spelling of unfamiliar terms, we can use the autocomplete suggestion box to quickly find helpful and relevant information. In addition, users may discover resources they hadn’t considered previously.

Whether it’s brushing up on a particular discipline or seeking insight into an unexplored field, Google’s autocomplete helps us work efficiently and make well informed Keyword research decisions based on data-driven suggestions.


These are just a few Keyword research techniques you can use to come up with great content ideas that your audience will want to read about.

By brainstorming with a colleague, researching keywords, and looking at what your competitors are doing, you can start to generate a list of content ideas that will be popular with your target audience. And don’t forget to use Google’s autocomplete function for some extra inspiration!

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to coming up with topics that your readers will love.

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