What Is A Local SEO Audit?


Local SEO Audits are a comprehensive analysis of your local business’s online presence and the factors that affect it.

Here is an overview of what to expect in a Local Audit:

Comprehensive Investigations – These are all in-depth investigations into your business’s online profile across multiple platforms, including Google+, Facebook, Bing Places, Yahoo! Local, Yelp and more. A profile is a snapshot of your business across multiple platforms, encompassing many aspects, from social media presence to star ratings to physical location data.

Audit Analysis – The analysis of the results of the investigation will include identifying strengths and weaknesses in your profiles on each platform. This includes recommendations for improvement, which can be implemented via online reputation management services.

Audit Report – This is where we’ll go over the results of your audit, highlighting areas for improvement and potential avenues to success in local search. Included will be a list of action steps to increase your visibility, as well as additional recommendations that can further bolster your profile’s presence on each platform.

Starter Consultation – Included with this audit is a basic consultative session to discuss your options for building upon the results of your local profile audits.


What Gets Covered In A Local SEO Audit?


Are you trying to rank a local service in your area? A Local SEO Audit will analyze the top ranking keywords and how they relate to your business.

Social Media Profiles

A Social Mention tool is a great social media monitoring resource that will scan thousands of online channels across multiple search engines every three hours for mentions of your organisation and key terms related to your business. A local SEO audit will analyze the social presence that is already there, as well as what steps can be taken to further strengthen it.

Local Citations

This refers to a chain of citations which link back to your physical address and phone number. It’s a great way for prospective clients to get in touch with you, and Local SEO Audits will audit your online profile’s citations across the big three search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Reviews & Star Ratings:

While not exactly a citation, star ratings are one of the best ways for prospective customers to gauge what others think about your products or services. A local SEO audit will look at the star ratings your business has already garnered, as well as what can be done to beef up those stellar reviews.

Local Optimization

Is the copy or content on your website optimised for local search? A Local SEO Audit can give you a checklist of criteria to optimise your business’s online presence, along with recommendations for improvement.

Local/Physical Location Data:

Do you know where your business falls short in the physical location department? A Local SEO Audit looks at how detailed your location information is and what can be done to make it more accurate.


How Are Local SEO Audits Performed?


The audits themselves are a three-step process: thorough investigation, analysis and report.

Preliminary investigation: Before we dive into your online profile, we need to make sure you’re ready to rock first. That means making sure your physical location data is complete and accurate on Google Local, Bing Places and Yahoo! Local. If there are any mistakes or gaps in the information submitted about your business, then those will need to be fixed first.

The Audit: From there, we’ll take you on a deep dive across multiple review and social media platforms, analyzing your profile’s current standing. We’ll analyze the information that is already there, as well as any areas of opportunity for improvement.

Analysis: The analysis will include a list of gap recommendations, which will detail the changes that need to be made in order to enhance its standing.

Report: The final step will include a report which details our findings and offers recommendations for further optimization, as well as a list of action steps you should take in order to boost your local search visibility.

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