On Page SEO Audits


On Page SEO Audits are usually performed by an experienced SEO analyst or consultant. This process helps to find and fix issues that prevent search engines from crawling, indexing, reading, understanding and ranking your site properly.

On Page SEO is often confused with Off-Page SEO (link building). On-page SEO refers to all the factors of a website that affect its ability to rank in search engines. On Page SEO helps to determine if a site is crawlable, indexable, readable and much more.

On-page SEO audits are generally performed on sites that are being redesigned or newly built. This allows the client to build out the content on the website with SEO optimization in mind.


What Does The Audit Process Cover?


On Page SEO Audits are used to find issues (mainly with your content) that impact your site’s ability to rank.

The first step is a thorough analysis of the content of your website. We look at page titles, meta tags, readability, images, canonicalization, and much more.

After identifying the issues that are causing your site not to rank, we will work on creating a strategy to improve your site’s performance. This usually includes recommendations for keywords, topics or other information that should be added or removed from your site.

After the site has been optimised to improve search engine rankings, we then focus on building links to your website. This is where we can really give a website an edge over its competitors! This is covered in our Off-Page SEO section.

The main purpose of this process is to fix on-page issues that prevent the site from ranking. Some examples include incorrect meta tags, duplicate content, incorrect redirects and much more.

What Are The Benefits Of An On-Page SEO Audit?


SEO Services such as an on-page SEO audit can help you identify elements of your site that prevent search engines from reading, understanding and ranking your website.

Some benefits of having an SEO Company conduct and Audit include:

1. Provides an unbiased third party perspective (it’s not just another marketing “sell job”)

2. Websites are re-indexed more frequently than in past years, so it’s important to make sure your site is being indexed properly

3. Ensures proper indexing of the most important pages in your website (Keyword rich, high-traffic pages)

4. Identifies factors that are preventing you from ranking higher or achieving top rankings easier (duplicate content, keywords with low search volume, etc)

5. Identifies if current pages are indexed, not indexed and need to be re-indexed

6. Helps you establish long-term goals for success

7. Provides a checklist of on-page SEO factors to review on future projects

18. Recommends keyword level traffic potential for identified pages or sections of the site

9. Helps you determine how your site is performing in comparison to competitors sites

10. Provides traffic potential for identified pages or sections of the site

11. Provides recommendations for keywords and topics to include on the site

12. Identifies common user mistakes that cause a decrease in rankings (404 redirects, missing title tags, broken links, etc)


Why Choose Us?

Over 20 Years Experience

We’ve been doing SEO since Yahoo was the main search engine and all page links were blue. If its happened we’ve seen it, learned and adapted.

We’re proud to say we have ranked many sites throughout 20 years of changes to the way people search on Search Engines online!

A Bespoke SEO Strategy

We create you an SEO Strategy so everybody know where they stand throughout the project because every business is different and every business has different goals.

We dont use Guesswork. Just proven SEO processes used as part of a strategy that aligns to your business and the project goals.

Business – Return on Investment

After all, that’s what its all about. You’re starting an SEO project to improve your business and make more money.

Whilst other agencies report on how much traffic they got you.
We like to look at how that traffic converts into leads, sales and customers.

Its important to us because it important to you.

Friendly & Approachable

Our customers are important to us! We treat every single one with courtesy.

If we need to contact you, we’ll always make sure it’s at a time that suits you.

We teach SEO, so dont be afraid to ask any questions.
We can also train and support your in-house team.

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