What is Off-Page SEO?


So What is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO refers to all the things that are done outside of your website and on other websites. This includes social media, external linking from other relevant websites, article marketing, forum posting and much more. The reason this is such a key part of SEO for any business is because when you do these activities effectively it will increase your trustworthiness in the eyes of Google and help you rank higher in the search engines.


The Importance Of Off-Page SEO To Your Online Marketing Efforts


SEO is a very complicated process, it’s not just about creating great content for your website and then sitting back and waiting for the customers to flood into your business premises. You need to do several things to achieve this and off page seo is one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy. When you do all these types of activities it really helps with your keyword density, relevancy etc. It will basically get people talking about you which can give you credibility in those search engines.

When You Do The Off-Page SEO Activities Correctly, It Can Be One Of The Most Effective Parts Of Your SEO Strategy.

If you want to rank well in the search engines then you need to be doing blogger outreach. There’s no question about that and there are literally hundreds of ways that you can do this activity but it really involves just getting your name out on the net. You’ll get blogs writing about you, linking to your website and then also linking back to the resources on your site.

Off-page SEO will be a huge part of your overall SEO strategy but when you do it right it can really help build up that trust within the search engines that people want to see.

It’s also a part of organic SEO that you won’t be able to do yourself, it really is best left to the professionals. Many people think they can achieve all this themselves but in reality it takes time and resources away from your business efforts if you try to do everything by yourself.

If You Want To Rank Well In The Search Engines You Will Need To Do Off-Page SEO.

What types of SEO are included in Off Page SEO?


There are many different off page SEO activities that you can do, here’s a couple of examples below:

Blogger outreach and link building is one of the most effective ways to get your name out there. When people write about you or link to your site it really helps with your relevancy and makes Google think more highly of you.

More and more people are starting to use PR as part of their overall SEO strategy. Again, doing this well involves a lot of work but it really is worth the effort to help you rank higher in Google.

When you can get your name out through these two mediums then they will also send large amounts of traffic directly back to your website. This is one of the main things that people forget, getting more traffic to your website and then converting those visitors into leads or customers.

Proper off page SEO will help you do that too!

Most Of The Off-Page SEO Activities Can Only Be Managed By A Specialist SEO Company

What happens when you try doing this by yourself?

The problem with trying to do all of this stuff yourself is actually making the time and effort to complete all these tasks. You’ll probably think you can handle it but in reality there are hundreds, even thousands of people just like you that are trying to do the same thing. So when you try doing this type of SEO by yourself then you can forget about getting to the top of Google.

This Is Why You May Want To Consider Hiring An SEO Company For Your Off-Page Activities.


How Can Off Page SEO Help My Business?


When you do off page seo properly it can really help your business grow. In fact, when I look at my business and what we’ve achieved over the past decade or so, then most of it comes back to doing things properly.

When you hire a professional they will often do the following things:

1. They will do proper keyword research to find out what people are actually searching for on Google so that we know where to focus our efforts.

2. They’ll then build up your backlinks using different techniques, including blogger outreach and other forms of link building.

3. They will then use the PR opportunities to get your name out there in a good light!

If you think about it, hiring a professional is a small price to pay when you compare it to what you’ll actually achieve. In fact, if you’re wanting to see some results from your SEO efforts then this really needs to be done. As mentioned above, most people can’t even dedicate enough time to do this stuff properly themselves and that is why you should consider hiring a company who can help you rank higher in the search engines.

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