What is Technical SEO?

What is Techncial SEO

What is Technical SEO? – Technical Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an approach to optimising a website or web page for search engines. It often involves making modifications to the underlying HTML source code, which affects how and where site content is displayed in SERPs.

Fact: Google has said that they do not use any one factor as being more important than others, but that they use a ‘whole page’ approach, i.e. content plus links for ranking purposes

Technical SEO Vs Non- Technical SEO: The Differences

Whereas non-technical SEO consists mainly of on-page optimization (sometimes called “on-site” optimization), Technical SEO will be used to help improve a website in areas that are off-limits to the user. It is possible for both approaches to work together, but it is sometimes easier or more beneficial for either parties involved if they separate the approaches.

What is Techncial SEO

Why is Technical SEO Important?


A well optimized site isn’t always going to rank- even if it has fantastic content. Therefore, technical optimisation is vital for showing search engines that you have a quality website that deserves attention. Whenever we run a project on Sitebulb, we start by making sure the site itself is easy to crawl and follow- then we work on the content. We do not believe in “linkbuilding” with no regard for quality or good, relevant links to your website.

Fact: Many businesses ignore SEO because they don’t understand it; this means less traffic and a poor ROI (Return On Investment).

What Does Technical SEO Include?


Technical SEO includes, but is not limited to: server issues such as security flaws and uptime problems. It also involves making sure your site is accessible by search engines and can be read correctly by them. For example, some basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) errors could mean that Google does not read the site correctly.

Technical SEO does not only include technical issues, but also how human search engine readers interact with your website. This is especially important for mobile optimization and other factors that affect the user experience. Technical SEO includes aspects of speed, accessibility and keeping security risks at a minimum- such as ensuring that the website is free of malware and secure for both users and search engines.

Technical SEO is gaining more attention in recent times, due to the demand for websites that are accessible by all means of access (desktop, mobile, etc.), fast loading speed and a positive user experience. It is important to remember that this does not mean you can ignore non-technical SEO. You need to ensure that both your website and off-site factors are taken care of, if you wish for a successful SEO campaign.


How Can Technical SEO Help Your Business?


To ignore Technical SEO is to ignore the search engines- which means your site does not get relevant traffic and conversions from users. Technical SEO improves your sites performance in organic search rankings, meaning you will have more visitors that are searching for what you offer. Maybe even gaining customers from international markets that your business may not usually reach.

Technical SEO is vital for today’s Internet user- who wants to have fast load times, a positive user experience and a site that works on all devices -and this does not happen overnight. However, it is possible to improve these factors when you put in effort from both parties involved (you and your team).

Why You Should Get A Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is not a quick fix, but it is something that we believe should be worked on long term, alongside other aspects of SEO which we include in our SEO Services. At TopGun SEO, we continually work to improve the performance of our clients’ websites and keep up with any new changes regarding technical implementation in search engines- especially Google

There are a lot of myths about Technical SEO; we hope that we were able to shed some light on these and show the importance of working with an experienced team. If you would like to know more, please get in touch!

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